Ringo Brill

Ringo Brill has worked with Young Audiences of Western New York since 2004 and is a skilled workshop leader for students of all ages. He has played traditional percussion for over thirty years and studied with master drummers in Cuba, Brazil, the US and Guinea. He creates arrangements of traditional music for his group Diaspora Drumming. Brill performs regularly with Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra, Diaspora Drumming, The Twelve-Eight Path, One World Tribe, and The Slyboots Circus.

Art Forms: Music


World Drumming

Group drumming accompanies every facet of life in West Africa, musically encapsulating the necessities, challenges, and joys of human cooperation. With teaching artist Ringo Brill, students will explore these as they gain skills in rhythm, cooperation, and teamwork. Students will learn traditional rhythms and playing techniques on authentic instruments. Ringo Brill brings over twenty years of experience teaching and performing traditional music of West Africa and the African Diaspora.
Sample workshop foci:
“Funga Alafia,” welcoming rhythm, reflects the importance of hospitality and sharing;
“Kassa,” harvest rhythm, reflects the importance of working together;
“Kuku,” celebration rhythm, reflects the importance of marking achievements made as a community.

Grade Level: 3-12

Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes to less): $196.00

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