Courtney Haeick

Courtney is an artist and educator, who lives in Buffalo and received her BFA in Art Education from Buffalo State College. She works as a professional chalk artist in the summer and is commissioned to do chalk murals around Buffalo and Lockport areas. She has participated and won many awards at the Buffalo Chalk Festival and the Lockport Sweet Chalk Festival. She has also coordinated two charity chalk festivals to raise money for Alzheimer’s and the Teachers Desk organization. Courtney also works as a freelance artist selling her drawings, paintings, and mural work. Courtney is also very passionate about dance and received a minor in dance from Buffalo State. She has been teaching dance to kids ages ranging from three to seventeen for four years at Lorraine Goddard Dance Studio. During her senior year in college she was
honored to be a choreographer for the spring dance concert Movers and Shakers: Dance as Activism at Buffalo State. Her ideas focused around antibullying and how her movement could impact the viewers to make a change in society’s actions when bullying is detected. Courtney has performed around the Buffalo area and she participates in a dance company called Foxy Entertainment and the Buffalo State Dance Company. She has exhibited her
fine art many times at Buffalo State College, the Keenan Center, the Erie County Fair, and participated in an art show in Chicago. Courtney is passionate about the arts and how to bring more awareness to social issues in a creative way through painting, chalk art, dance and sculptures. She believes art is a way of expression, passion, perseverance, and creativity in the way that shapes all cultures.

Art Forms: Visual Art, Dance


Chalk Art

Creating 3-D and one demential art with chalk on different surfaces. The teacher will discuss chalk art with students. Teacher will show examples of chalk mural work by Kieth Haring, Shantel Martin, mural work by Tracy Lee Stum, Buffalos own Chuck Tingly, Bunnie Reiss, and Banksy. Teacher will discuss The Freedom Wall in Buffalo and the Artists and theme of the 28-portrait mural.


  • To gain knowledge of chalk art and mural art
  • To understand the grid system used to create murals
  • Gain an exposure to local artist and public art
  • Learn how to bring their own designs to life using chalk

Grade Level: preK-12
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes to less): $196.00

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