Catherine Linder Spencer

Art has always been my personal sanctuary.  When I make art, I feel like my truest, most authentic self.   I work mainly in the medium of photography but I also work in mixed media, enamel, sculpture and fiber art.  As a teaching artist for the past 20& years, I have worked with students in a wide variety of mediums embracing the joy of the artistic process and the exploration of materials.  I have been a teaching artist for Buffalo Public Schools, Bryant Street Studio, Westminster Early Childhood Programs, Neglia Ballet, Just Buffalo Literary Center (Writing with Light in public schools, The Just Buffalo Writing Center), the Albright-Knox Art Gallery , the UB Anderson Galleries and Aspire, Inc. and now, proudly with Young Audiences.  I recently ran an art program for the refugee children and families at VIVE La Casa.  Most of the children and adults I worked with had recently fled war torn homelands, many dealing with profound trauma and loss and grief.


I have worked with students on bookmaking, multi-cultural art, mural, collage, ceramics, mosaic, sewing, fiber coiling, print-making and painting.  I love being able to create “holistic” development through art and help change children’s attitudes about the creative process. I am interested in collaboration, growth, energy, understanding and how art fits into the bigger picture of who we are as individuals. My workshops and classes often deal with complex social or cultural issues, history and often help the student achieve success in their core subjects through art making.  I feel an immense amount of gratitude- for being able to make and teach art in an environment as supportive and nurturing as Buffalo, a place I feel so proud to call my hometown.  After 20& years of being a teaching artist, I still want to learn, to be open to growth and change. I look forward to what the next phase of my life as a teaching artist will be.


Relax, Rewind, Repeat

This residency has been designed to be four 45 minutes sessions and can easily be modified to support more or less sessions. The theme for the residency is relax, rewind and repeat- meaning doing visual art activities that are relaxing. The residency is designed primarily for after school workshops, when students are looking to decompress, unwind, relax, although they could be easily adapted to during school day sessions as well. We will be building on that theme for several weeks. These sessions start with week #1- fun, relaxing drawings which focus more on the meditative aspects of the stroke itself than the worry of what the drawing is going to look like. Week #2 focuses on patterning with circles and dots in which students will use gluing, drawing and design techniques to build a cohesive circle and dot themed piece of art. Building on that meditative theme, week #3 combines meditative drawings with the addition of liquid watercolor painting to create stunning mixed media pieces of art. Week #4, the final session, is a torn paper collage project, loosely based on the theme of one or more of the four


  • To experiment with different tools and materials
  • To encourage play and decrease stress
  • To encourages self respect, self confidence as well as respect for creativity

Grade Level: K-12
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (back to back): $196.00

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