Cartoons by Cadle

Rob has a degree in Visual Communications from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where his course work included drawing, painting, art history, character design, color theory and more. He is proficient in a variety of art related computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe
InDesign and is also an accomplished caricature artist and comic book penciller. Rob works part-time as a freelance artist and has provided artwork for numerous businesses, both local and nationwide, as well as many private commissions. In addition to his freelance work, Rob is a full time law enforcement official who participates in several outreach and after school
programs that provide art instruction to children and teens.

Art Forms: Visual Art


Cartoons by Cadle

The Cartoons by Cadle program is designed based upon the specific needs of the program or event. A subject matter is chosen and children are taught how to draw said subject matter by breaking the project down into easy-to render simple shapes. A three step process is used when providing art instruction. Depending on the subject matter these illustrations can be used as the basis for a collaborative project such as a comic book or comic strip, or can be colored by the students using markers, crayons or colored pencil. The class can be altered to accommodate younger children by providing pre-rendered templates and applying them to some sort of craft such as masks or paper bag puppets.


  • The students will learn some of the basics of cartooning, illustration, caricature, design and layout
  •  The students will have their imaginations stimulated by finding creative solutions to art related activities
  • The students will learn to embrace what makes them unique by emphasizing their specific character traits in the form of caricature
  •  The students will learn the basics of graphic storytelling and working collaboratively by creating custom comic strips and comic books
  • The students will learn about the history of animation art and comic book production

Grade Level: 3-12
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes to less): $196.00

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