Blaise Mercedes

Blaise Mercedes is a rising star in the Buffalo, NY music scene. As a singer-songwriter, on-call vocalist, and bandleader, her new-age fusion of soulful vocals with a funk and Latin influence never fail to connect with the crowd and keep them engaged throughout her performances.

She performs regularly as a solo artist signed to Quiet As Kept Records and recently opened for soul/funk band Nth Power — led by Nikki Glaspie, former touring drummer for Beyoncé. In addition to her solo work, Blaise is a vocalist for Buffalo-based Pink Floyd tribute band, Relics.

Art Forms: Music


D.I.Y. Design Instruments Yourself

DIY is a hands-on workshop where students build their very own instruments. Using commonly found materials, students will engage in team building exercises with a directive to create a working instrument. During this activity, we discuss the cultural relevance and history of various instruments from all over the world and observe the effects they have on the process of composing music and where these effects can be seen in popular culture. We use preexisting instruments as examples, breakdown the cultural relevance of these sonic tools, and recreate these music items to compose an original piece as a DIY “orchestra”. Complexity varies based on grade level.


  • Connect use of different instruments to other cultures
  • Learn how to use everyday materials to create instruments
  • Understand general principles of how sounds are made

Grade Level: 3-12
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes to less): $196.00

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