Sarah Haykel

As a professional dancer, certified life coach, mindfulness facilitator, and yoga instructor, Sarah Haykel is an advocate for personal growth and transformation through life coaching, movement, mindfulness and creativity.  Each of these modalities combined supports her students and clients in greater self-awareness empowering them to be their full selves and make clearer choices.

Sarah received a BFA in Painting from SUNY Fredonia and is a Professional Certified Life Coach through Coaching for Transformation, and is a 200hr certified yoga instructor through Francois Raoult’s Essential Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Training, dancing and traveling throughout the world for two decades, Sarah specializes in the Latin dances of the Caribbean, Freestyle Hip-Hop, Breakdance, and Movement Improvisation she refers to as Sacred Movement.

Sarah and her twin sister Laura Haykel were chosen as one of 12 distinguished speakers for the Tedx Buffalo Women event held on Thursday, December 5th 2013.  And, currently, Sarah is working on developing music ideas that come to her at all hours of the day to share with others as a source of empowerment and inspiration.


Journey into the History of Latin Dance

Perfect for International Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Spanish Clubs, learn about the magical co-creation of Latin dance through the Diaspora. Transport yourself to the Caribbean and South America for a day to learn about the various musical and dance styles that were created when European, African, and Indigenous cultures came together. Students learn about the music and the basic steps of several Latin dances from the Caribbean, with history included. Students are introduced to the language of Latin dancing and it’s ability to create healthier and more harmonious relationships with fellow dance partners. Experience how the dancers and musicians have a conversation with each other and everything around them through these amazing art forms.

Grade Level: Kindergarten-12
Audience Limit: 300
Performance cost (single): $530.00
Workshop cost (90 minutes or less): $265.00
Performance cost (back to back): $645.00

Be You

Students gain opportunities to deepen their connection to themselves, others and life through artistic expression, dance and free form body movement and other body- and mind-centered techniques like visualization, setting intentions, gratitude practices, mindfulness exercises, yoga, effective communication skills and meditation. Students begin creating a figurative “tool belt” supporting them in self-management, personal expression, creating healthier relationships and expressing themselves in authentic and empowering ways in every aspect of their lives. The goal is to create a space of safety in the room so students feel empowered to lead and to express their unique selves through multiple modalities listed above.  This program can be tailored to suit an adult audience as a professional development workshop and can be booked as a motivational speech with dance performance aspects for students or adults.

Grade Level: 6-12
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes or less): $265.00

Salsa for Life: Character Development through Latin Dance

Sarah Haykel provides a Latin dance workshop integrating character development and education into an exciting dance lesson. The artist imparts her infectious enthusiasm for dance while correlating it to life skills. As she points out, dance teaches us self-awareness, social skills, confidence, leadership and cooperation – all while toning muscles and having tons of fun! Also available as a full-day program consisting of a performance followed by 2-3 master classes ($690).This program can be tailored to suit an adult audience and is available as a professional development workshop.

Grade Level: Kindergarten-12
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes or less): $265.00

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