Mette Hata

Mette Hata has a master’s degree from Pratt Institute and a certificate in K-12 art education from Buffalo State College. Mette lived in New York City for nine years. She has traveled, lived, and shown her artwork on three continents, and enjoys meeting students of all ages and backgrounds. Mette’s teaching at Young Audiences is oriented towards STEAM and arts integration. She likes to create projects that combine nature study, technology, and contemporary art. By activating multiple interests and skills she engages a diverse population of students. She provides something fun for everyone to get involved with, to let students discover things they may not have known they were interested in!


Nature, Art, and Electronics All Together

The program connects nature study, art making, and learning about contemporary art and electronics. The common theme that unites these concepts is bioluminosity.

In this program, we discover a bug that can light up all by itself. How can animals do that? A video is followed by a presentation about bioluminescent animals and then we get to work designing our own light-up insect. Would it not be nice if humans could just light up when we need a lamp? What do we do instead? We use electricity, and we will build a small electronic circuit together, which will make our insect light up. Along the way we find some new ideas about how to design our bug by looking at how artists today are using insect shapes in their art.

Grade Level: Kindergarten-4
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes or less: $196.00

Hour of Code

This course is a playful introduction to coding, today’s superpower. We use the proven “Hour of Code” curriculum from to build and play games. “Unplugged” fun to practice real life computational thinking included. Everyone can learn, no typing required, and all students get a certificate for attending. The “Hour of Code” may serve to introduce CS Fundamentals, the learning track covering K-5th grade. Classes may begin at any time during the year, and are fully adaptable to your needs.

Grade Level: Kindergarten-5
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes or less): $196.00

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