Differential Flava Crew

Differential Flava Crew (DFC) has been Buffalo’s premiere B-boy (hip-hop dance) crew for the past 10 years, bringing style and originality to the urban dance scene. Shane “B-boy Depree” Fry has seen the positive effects that B-boying can have in the lives of young people. One of the founding members of DFC, Fry has dedicated his life to making true B-boying an asset available to the Buffalo community. Under Fry’s guidance, DFC works with young people, in particular, emphasizing the history, culture and foundations of the dance.

Since its inception, DFC has been a part of numerous local events, including Baby Steps, The Art of Hip-Hop, and the Elmwood Arts Festival. DFC also collaborated with Ujima Theatre as a part of Dunbar Project, an after-school program geared towards bringing the art of music and dance to local youth.

DFC is responsible for the creation of Battle @ Buffalo, an all ages B-boy competition that takes place regularly in downtown Buffalo. This family-oriented event aims to unify the community through the essence of hip-hop, to promote healthy lifestyle choices, and to engage individuals positively through the art of B-boying.

Art Forms: Dance, Ensemble


The Elements of Hip-Hop

With the intent of creating a healthy lifestyle and physical, mental and emotional fitness, break dancing provides a fun and unique way to exercise and express oneself.

This program combines performance and participation. B-boys and B-girls (aka break dancers) provide an exciting popping, locking performance. They also provide a history of break dancing; why and how both the art form and the hip hop culture developed. They engage students in discussing the elements of hip hop; identifying the difference between expressing oneself through dance, music and art for the purpose of personal growth and community awareness, versus for commercialism. Students participate in dynamic, foundational moves and concepts. They may create their own versions of these moves for future development and expression.

The best venue for this program is a gym with bleachers.

Pricing for workshops vary: $196 for up to 15 children, $265 for more then 15 children. 

Grade Level: Kindergarten-12
Audience Limit: Performance 250, Workshop 30
Performance Cost (single): $610.00
Workshop Cost (90 minutes of less): $196.00 -up to 15 students or $265.00 for 15 students or more
Performance Cost (back to back): $830.00

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