Andy Parker-Weather Machine

Andy Parker is a professional meteorologist and “weather educator.”

Prior to working in television, Parker studied math and atmospheric physics at SUNY Brockport, where he obtained a B.S. degree in Meteorology Science. He is an AMS Sealed Meteorologist who has worked in television for more than 15 years, representing Buffalo nationally for the Weather Channel and network affiliates. Parker has traveled far and wide to experience first hand all types of weather, ranging from Caribbean hurricanes to Midwestern tornadoes.

Parker’s love of science began in elementary school, so now he hopes to similarly inspire a new generation of young people in a fun and educational way. His traveling “Weather Machine” is capable of producing all types of weather, from a 7 ft tornado to snowstorms that fill an auditorium. Parker’s innovative presentations teach students curricular knowledge and creative thinking skills through hands-on, interactive engagement. Andy Parker is a professional meteorologist and “weather educator.”

Art Forms: Ensemble, Multimedia


Weather Machine Classroom Edition

This version of The Weather Machine is suitable for classrooms. Students will receive a hands-on look at the way weather is measured by scientists, described by authors and painted by artists. After experiencing the power of a 100 mph wind gust and creating clouds they can hold in their hands, students will be challenged to come up with their own creative words and pictures to describe the weather. This program encourages students to become more observant of the environment around them.

Grade Level: 3-6
Audience Limit: 50
Workshop cost (90 minutes to less): $300.00

The Weather Machine

Created by Meteorologist Andy Parker, this performance will quite literally bring the weather into your school! The Weather Machine is capable of producing all types of weather, from actual tornados & lightning to snowstorms and just about anything in between. The auditorium presentation is upbeat, edge of your seat and filled with energy as weather elements are demonstrated with the assistance of student volunteers.

The entire audience will be engaged by the “Unanswerable Weather Question,” prompting creative thinking about the ways weather affects every aspect of our lives. The impact of weather on everything from history to music, art and poetry is also explored. As part of the interactive performance, students can participate in an impromptu weather orchestra, using unique weather instruments and sounds.

The Weather Machine is sure to bring a unique, exciting, educational experience to your school.

Grade Level: Kindergarten-6
Audience Limit: No limit
Performance cost (single): $1000.00