Ancient Voices

Ancient Voices is a World Music percussion & wind duo formed by drummer Ringo Brill & saxophonist Steve Baczkowski. Their unique program utilizes and demonstrates a multitude of ancient indigenous musical instruments from around the world. Students learn about sound and music with an emphasis on attentive listening, improvisation, collaboration and creative self-expression through hands-on instrument building workshops and engaging live performances.

Ringo Brill has played percussion professionally since 1993 and has worked with Young Audiences of Western New York since 2004. Brill has traveled the world to study global percussion traditions, including the rumba and folkloric music of Cuba, the samba of Brazil, and the ancient djembe traditions of Guinea, West Africa. In addition to performing regularly with numerous professional ensembles, Brill is sought after as a workshop leader for elementary through college-age audiences.

Steve Baczkowski is a musician, improviser, music presenter and educator. He plays a wide array of wind instruments, from the saxophone to the didjeridu. Baczkowski has served as the Music Director for Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo for nearly fifteen years. He performs regionally with many local ensembles and has performed internationally at festivals in Mexico, Canada & the UK. His workshops and lectures have inspired students in schools throughout Western New York and beyond, from elementary schools to the Buffalo Academy for Visual & Performing Arts and The State University at Buffalo.

Art Forms: Ensemble,Music


Ancient Voices

In this workshop, Ringo Brill & Steve Baczkowski bring the sounds of ancient music to life, connecting students to global indigenous musical traditions and teaching them about the physics of sound vibration.

This workshop is also recommended as a 2-10 session residency, where students will make a didjeridu and a shaker (a rain stick is also possible) and work together to investigate sound and make music with the artists. Students will construct, decorate and play their own musical instruments made from recycled heavy cardboard tubes and other materials. They will learn how to produce some basic sounds and collaboratively perform music using voice, percussion, and their handcrafted instruments.

For workshops and residencies there is a materials fee of $75-$200 depending on the length of the residency.

Grade Level: 3-12
Audience Limit: 200
Performance cost (single): $380.00
Workshop cost (90 minutes to less): $265.00
Performance cost (back to back): $530.00

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