Akruti Babaria

Akruti Babaria has been part of the WNY community for over 17 years. A native of India, Akruti has been teaching dance for over 15 years. A trained dancer, Akruti holds a Bachelor of Arts in Indian Classical dance from India. A University of Buffalo MBA graduate, Akruti founded Kulture Khazana in 2018 after experiencing need for cultural materials and experiences for her son. She shares her culture throughout the US by providing Indian children’s books and programming.  Akruti lives in East Amherst with her husband and son.

Art Forms: Dance, Cultural


Explore India

The goal and vision of this workshop is to provide engaging, activity filled learning sessions for families and kids to learn about India. The sessions will involve music, dance, craft activities, book readings and help kids learn about a new culture at the same time gain motion, sensory, team work, get familiar with books by  foreign authors and have informal discussions in a group setting.

Grade Level: preK-12
Audience Limit: 30
Workshop cost (90 minutes or less): $215.00
Performance cost (single): $300.00
Performance cost (back to back): $530.00

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