Portfolio Development

As every art school student and artist knows, your portfolio is a crucial tool for sharing your work and advancing as an artist. This workshop discusses what to include in and how to present an impres


A fun and fascinating discussion of the art of collecting. Why do people collect? How are collections assembled? The artist discusses the range of possible collections, from stickers to fine antiques.

Assemble It

Sculptures made from found objects, or assemblages, provide students with an unusual way to express themselves, as well as innovate!

Mail Art

Collage artist Gerald Mead leads students in creating beautiful and interesting collage postcards, which are then mailed.

Art of Collage

Collage is a fascinating technique for transforming images, colored and textured materials and other personal mementos into works of art.

Weather Machine Classroom Edition

This version of The Weather Machine is suitable for classrooms. Students will receive a hands-on look at the way weather is measured by scientists, described by authors and painted by artists.


Working collaboratively, students create “Emotionscapes” – choreographed movement sequences that represent the emotional journey of the character(s) in the story.


Non verbal communication, personal boundaries, appropriate touch, confidence and intuition are just some of the topics addressed as students grapple (sometimes literally) with the creative skill-set t

Art & the Brain

Far from being a purely academic discussion, students will create physical theater experiments to test the limits of the laws of science used by artists.


A study of the Properties of Light, Systems, Optical Illusions, Reflection, Refraction or any other vocabulary the classroom teacher would like to explore from the Light Unit! Concepts of light are tr