Journeys and Journals

Students take a personal journey down the Erie Canal by speaking in the voices of the era.

The Sherlock Holmes Method of Creative Writing

Students will uncover their own author’s voices as they discover that creative writing is different than essay writing, and they will be inspired to write creatively on their own.

Daruma Dolls

Great for the New Year! These little sculptures keep an “eye” on your dreams and goals for the New Year!

Expressive Self-Portraits

It is natural for young people to express themselves. In this workshop, students will create self portraits that capture an expression they are best known for.

Save the Teacher!

Experienced art educator and yoga teacher Jen Russo will lead teachers through a fun and physical process that will culminate with a Mandala Painting.

Sacred Art of Mandalas

Creating radial designs called mandalas, students explore visual rhythm and pattern. These radial designs can be done in sand, paint, and colored pencils, stamped or as arrangements and photographed.

Learning the Figure

This program combines visual expression with yoga as a tool for body awareness.

Making Music with Miriam Minkoff

Students learn about the basic elements of music through traditional rhythms, based on the age-old concept, “if you can say it, you can play it.”

Explorations in Printmaking

Students explore line patterns, visual textures, shapes, negative and positive shapes, landscapes or faces using the versatile medium of foam. The possibilities are endless!

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