Quiet in the Studio

Quiet In The Studio is an interactive digital-technology based theatre workshop.

Mama Songs

A solo Hip-Hop musical performance and love poem. The artist illustrates her relationship with the women who raised her, based on childhood memories and the voices of three generations of mothers.

Nancy Goes to Seneca Falls

It’ s 1848 and Nancy Freeman, a wife, mother and former slave, is traveling in her husbands boat down the Erie Canal to be part of the Women’ s Convention in Seneca Falls, NY.

Finding Your Own Voice

Through music, rhythms, stories and a smattering of history, Miché Fambro encourages young people toward creative self-expression.

Off the Bench

A fun and enriching theater residency designed specifically to fit the needs of your students.

String Talkin’ Workshop

Doug scales down the Stringman Show for the classroom, demonstrating each instrument and its uses through familiar songs. Students will have the opportunity to see, hear and even touch the instruments.

Songwriting with Guitar

Doug Yeomans offers this guitar-centered songwriting program for students in grades K-12.

Real World Rock & Roll Workshop

Provide upper grade students with a personal and memorable conversation with professional musicians about a career in music.