Full of Song

Music is a universal language, but what does that really mean? Students join in the performance with musicians who have traveled across the world. This program is all about communication through music.

The Soul of Salsa

A fun, educational and experiential journey into the soul of Latin music and dance, which will surely inspire your students to preserve these traditional art forms for future generations.

Move Your Groove

Students gain opportunities to deepen their connection to themselves, others and the world around them through movement and other body- and mind-centered techniques.

Dancing for Health and Wellness

Raise heart rates and spirits at the same time! The artist combines hip-hop, breakdance and salsa moves in short, energetic routines set to fun, funky music.

The Four “R’s”

At last, a show that educates every age group about what they can do to save the planet! Students will also learn why the rainforest is so important to all of us, even though it is so far away.

Good Plants… Bad Plants

Learn about plants that grow in our Western New York neighborhoods, gardens. and woods by creating pressed flower art, bookmarks, and more!