To connect with a ceremony or event in their own lives, students use mask forms to create a cultural/ceremonial “tribal” mask.

Personal Patterns

Student are assisted in creating a list of three adjectives to describe their cultural identity. They are then guided to create a pattern or patterns that corresponds to each of the adjectives.

The Art of Seeing

The Art of Seeing brings to the attention of all levels of visual artists the notion of unintended imagery in their work.

One Page Collage Creations

Using magazines, various kinds of paper and materials, participants will have fun learning how to create a collage that represents their interests, favorite things, personality, dreams and fantasies.

Creative Journaling

This workshop focuses on teaching the student the art of creating a personal journal.

Trust Yourself! – Improvisation Show

Have you ever been given an opportunity, but didn’t take it because you were unsure of yourself? Simply by experiencing and participating in the show, students will be introduced to improvisational theater.

All Together Now – Improvisation Show

Defiant Monkey’s actors use teamwork all the time. Students will see with suggestions come to life in improvised scenes illustrating the use of teamwork between improvisers.

Ancient Voices

In this workshop, Brill & Baczkowki bring the sounds of ancient music to life, connecting students to global and primitive musical traditions.

Erie Canal Traveling Museum

Bring the history of the Erie Canal to life! The Traveling Museum consists of artifacts from the mid 1800s through the turn of the century.