BUILD: Bringing Learning to Life Through the Arts

In the BUILD (Becoming, Understanding, Innovation, Learning through inquiry, Design) program, students use creative problem solving and inquiry-based learning techniques to bring their learning to life through artistic media. This program can be geared towards any core subject area.

Paint to Pixel: Ways of Seeing Art in Mathematics

This program investigates pivot points in Art History and Mathematics. Student artists learn to appreciate the timeline that evolves fine art from Realism to the Digital Age, as well as find patterns in nature and architecture utilizing the Fibonacci Spiral and the golden ratio, establishing a strong math and art relationship.

Nature, Art, and Electronics All Together

The program connects nature study, art making, and learning about contemporary art and electronics. The common theme that unites these concepts is bioluminosity.

My Mark Matters

Mark Making is a hands-on experience for students to explore unique surfaces, light and darkness, and the marks we give and receive. Students work independently in focused increments of time and in different values of graphite. They then converge to discuss the importance of their individual marks.


Making a quilt is a complex undertaking. It involves problem solving, using math skills, manual dexterity, and sometimes even requires a little help from your friends! For Quiltabration, students will begin by learning a little about the history of quilt making in America, focusing on traditional quilt patterns. Then it’s time to do some designing themselves and make their own quilt blocks, which will then turn into their own community quilt. It’s a regular quilting bee, a “quiltabration” of student efforts!

Deeper impACT

A deeper look into theatre as a CRAFT examining playwriting and script analysis. This program can be “custom designed” to incorporate classroom material or subject matter. This allows students the opportunity to CREATE in order to LEARN. Strong emphasis on solo and collaborative expression through writing, physical and vocal exercises and personal performance.

Basic impACT

An introduction to the vocabulary of theatre and performance as well as the concept of the VOICE and BODY as an “instrument”. Students will participate in exercises that enhance listening, focus, imagination and improvisation. These activities include both solo and ensemble participation and encourage confidence, self-esteem and character development.

Guinean Drum & Dance

An interactive presentation highlighting the music, dance, songs, history, instruments and costumes from Guinea. Mohamed is committed to providing the historical and cultural relevance of each dance.