Classical Ballet Workshop

Basic skills, history of dance and dance appreciation along with the value of discipline are all explored in this fun and educational workshop.

Dance Workshop

Self-esteem and awareness are increased through a series of fun and exciting dance movements to contemporary music. Movements which enhance body coordination, memorization skills and cooperation are a

Whole Note Band

The artist will bring a range of instruments, from trumpets and flutes, giving students the opportunity to practice basic notes and perform a piece together.

This is a multi-session residency requir

Legends, Lore, and Secrets of Western New York

Author and storyteller, Lorna Czarnota, recants and discusses this book of local stories. Learn about the many contributions Western New York has made to the world throughout its rich history.

Walking the Line: Becoming Ambassadors for Change

Emphasize the qualities of tolerance, diversity, and personal responsibility. Using stories and a series of creative activities, the artist leads students to discover their own ability to affect change.

Storytelling & Writing

Providing an overview of storytelling and dramatic presentation techniques, the artist encourages students to create their own stories, retell stories they have heard, or tell stories from their own lives.

Poet’s Intensive

An enriching theater residency adaptable to class or curriculum needs. The Benched Players use elements of theater and improvisation to encourage critical thinking, empathy, situational analysis, emotional awareness and control, media literacy and more. In a series of participatory classroom workshops, students explore their feelings about the issues they face everyday.