Mindfulness Writing

To be mindful is to be conscious or aware of something.  To write a poem is to make, to create into being. In this residency we will use mindfulness techniques to write poems and creative non-fiction to become more aware and more awake to the world and our ideas of the world. We will incorporate… Read more »

Poetic Writing Workshop

Get to the heart of writing poetry in a series of thoughtful, insight-inducing exercises using theater, music and verbal word play to synthesize personal experiences into life-saving poems.
Poetic Writing Workshop is for the young poet who wishes to enhance their writing, and craft poems relevant to their life experience.

What’s Your Story: A Monologue Journey

Everyone has a story, and everyone’s story should be told. In this program the teaching artist will get to know the students through various activities like peer interviews, creating life timelines and sharing of biographies. Using all of the information gathered the student will then create a monologue of one story in their lives. That… Read more »

A Brainstormed Play: You Guys Wrote That?!

Using a THEME chosen by the students we will write a 10-20 minute play collaboratively using brainstorming, word association and improv. Focusing on all of the aspects of storytelling like the who, what, when, where and why…oh, don’t forget the how! Every students will have a character, there will be a beginning, middle and end… Read more »

What’s Your Superpower?

Everyone has a special ability. Using theatre and character development students will create a character from scratch that has a very special ability. Together all characters will write a play in which they all come together solve a world problem of epic proportions. We will use the tools of improv, brainstorming, character analysis and creation,… Read more »

Headlines: Musical Newspaper

The Puerto Rican Folkloric music of Plena was first used as a way to tell the news in the island. In this program students will use music as a mode of communication. They will explore their own heritages and cultural background and use a foreign language to tell their news from their lives or neighborhoods.

What Do My Feelings Sound Like?

Students will know the ways in which music is used to communicate. Students will create dialogue between musical instruments. Students will create their own instruments and explore playing them. Intro to the different styles of Puerto Rican Folkloric music, instruments, culture, traditions. TA will share many percussive instruments with the class exploring what kinds of sounds the instruments… Read more »

Music of the Coqui: A Retelling

El Coqui is Puerto Rico’s coolest animal! It sings a song like this…coqui….coqui…coqui! Using the story of El Coqui students will experiment with the different rhythms and patterns of Puerto Rico’s folkloric music BOMBA and PLENA and will retell story in their own words through music. Students will utilize repetitive text and will explore the… Read more »

Multilingual Poetry

Western New York is a multilingual region. In this residency, students will celebrate and explore their relationship to the layering of language(s) and place. Sessions will include experimentation with translation techniques, etymology, sound, and monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual writing. Each session will involve reading and responding to poems, writing original poems, and sharing work aloud…. Read more »

The Elements of Hip-Hop

With the intent of creating a healthy lifestyle and physical, mental and emotional fitness, break dancing provides a fun and unique way to exercise and express oneself.