Medieval Artifacts

In period costume, the artist shares stories, riddles, Celtic harp music, and a rich assortment of artifacts from the Middle Ages, giving students an effective sense of what life was like in that era.

Storytelling & Writing

Providing an overview of storytelling and dramatic presentation techniques, the artist encourages students to create their own stories, retell stories they have heard, or tell stories from their own lives.

Movin’ Dress

An inspiring and educational story about an Oklahoma farm family’s life during the Great Depression.

Wild and Wooly Tales

Following the tradition of using storytelling to impart values and life skills to young people, this program includes animal stories from Native American culture, African and Russian lore.

World of Wonders

Schools get to choose 3 countries to “visit” from The Wondermakers’ list of over 20 interactive, multicultural folktales from Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Asia.


Through a variety of folk tales from around the world students will realize that math and numbers are everywhere!

Let’s Make a Mystery!

Through audience participation, comedy improv and theater games (similar to “Whose Line is It Anyway?”) mystery stories unfold before the audiences’ eyes.