Journey With Music and the Imagination

Concert cellist Nancy Baun pairs with a pianist to explore the connection between storytelling and music in this interactive program. Beginning with a short work by Lukas Foss, the artists describe th

Folklore Workshop

Encourage diversity with this presentation of world stories and poems which help students accept and appreciate differing ethnic backgrounds.

Poetry & Storytelling Workshop

Explore the oral storytelling tradition through both traditional works, and pieces written by the artist. As an actor, Celes Tisdale makes poetry come alive for students while encouraging their own se

From Africa to America

A poetic performance and historical overview of the African and African-American experience. The artist presents literature from ancient Africa as well as modern poetry.

A poetic performance and hist

Mary Jemison

Mary tells the story of her life from when she was captured by the Shawnee Indians as a youngster to years later when she was offered her freedom and chose to remain with her Seneca family and friends

Beatrix Potter

Author and illustrator of the beloved story “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” and many other children’ s stories, talks of her life in England, when “my grandpapa was in the habit of walking in the garden a

Erie Canal Sal

Ms. Sepik creates a fictitious character based, in part, on Old Black Nel, a cook on the Erie Canal. Sal talks of life on the canal and tells Irish folk tales from the Erie Canal. The audience partic

Legends, Lore, and Secrets of Western New York

Author and storyteller, Lorna Czarnota, recants and discusses this book of local stories. Learn about the many contributions Western New York has made to the world throughout its rich history.

The Road East: Travel the Silk Road

Storyteller, Lorna Czarnota, dressed as a merchant’ s wife beneath a tent set up in the classroom, will take students on an imaginary journey from Samarkand to Cathay.

Walking the Line: Becoming Ambassadors for Change

Emphasize the qualities of tolerance, diversity, and personal responsibility. Using stories and a series of creative activities, the artist leads students to discover their own ability to affect change.