Full of Song

Music is a universal language, but what does that really mean? Students join in the performance with musicians who have traveled across the world. This program is all about communication through music.

Move Your Groove

Students gain opportunities to deepen their connection to themselves, others and the world around them through movement and other body- and mind-centered techniques.

Story Book Dance

Led by Kolleen Fischer of Configuration Dance Theatre, this workshop offers a unique way for young learners to engage with literature through music and dance.

Off the Bench

A fun and enriching theater residency designed specifically to fit the needs of your students.

Your School’s Personalized Program

Because all schools have many different topics and themes for a variety of events and school functions, Kevin has developed a number of personalized programs for WNY schools.

Hands on Arts

Art therapist Kristen Crosson uses a variety of creative projects to encourage self-expression and build self-esteem. Possible arts experiences include mask making, murals, pastel portraits, mandala d

High on Life

With an emphasis on wellness, this uplifting performance promotes healthy choices that develop body, mind, and character. It incorporates age-appropriate messages on nutrition, exercise, hygiene, subs


Nels models and addresses principles of good character throughout this fun-filled, motivational performance. It can be tailored to focus on issues such as attitude, excellence, respect, responsibility

Dance Workshop

Self-esteem and awareness are increased through a series of fun and exciting dance movements to contemporary music. Movements which enhance body coordination, memorization skills and cooperation are a

Molly Marshmallow

An interactive, character education theater performance. Children explore the issues of popularity, friendship, cliques, and exclusion.