Journeys and Journals

Students take a personal journey down the Erie Canal by speaking in the voices of the era. An experienced teaching poet or writer leads literary exercises involving vintage maps, photographs, drawing

As You Like It

A writing workshop adaptable to existing classroom studies or grade-level curriculum. The class’ s basic framework includes presentation of poetic tools, such as metaphor and alliteration, followed by

Have You Ever Listened to a Drawing?

What do you draw or paint when you’ re listening to the Beatles, as opposed to Brahms? How does live musical performance inspire visual self-expression? Concert cellist Nancy Baun guides students thro

Hands on Arts

Art therapist Kristen Crosson uses a variety of creative projects to encourage self-expression and build self-esteem. Possible arts experiences include mask making, murals, pastel portraits, mandala d

Kites of Japan

With period costumes, demonstrations of materials and techniques, and an examination of the creative process of kitemaking, the artist uses kites to illustrate Japan’ s tradition, folk art and history

Kite Making

For four thousand years, the kite has served as a form of transportation, a scientific tool, a weapon of war and a toy. Because of this, kite-making in the classroom can serve as a window into history

Kite History

This visually stimulating program uses kites to explore history. Kites will demonstrate interconnectedness as well as the cause and effect of scientific inventions. In this workshop, kites are woven r

Business of Music with Van Taylor

Learn from professional musicians! A discussion of the music industry, songwriting, and the laws related to publishing and marketing music. Applicable to students interested in law, music or the ente

Phonics Program: Alphabet Awareness

The Phonics Program is an 8 session residency that is an innovative residency program, created by Jerry Raven, Cindy Hanna and Marna Burstein, uses multiple stimuli to teach phonics to pre-Kindergarte

Folklore Workshop

Encourage diversity with this presentation of world stories and poems which help students accept and appreciate differing ethnic backgrounds.