Mindfulness Writing

To be mindful is to be conscious or aware of something.  To write a poem is to make, to create into being. In this residency we will use mindfulness techniques to write poems and creative non-fiction to become more aware and more awake to the world and our ideas of the world. We will incorporate… Read more »

Multilingual Poetry

Western New York is a multilingual region. In this residency, students will celebrate and explore their relationship to the layering of language(s) and place. Sessions will include experimentation with translation techniques, etymology, sound, and monolingual, bilingual, and multilingual writing. Each session will involve reading and responding to poems, writing original poems, and sharing work aloud…. Read more »

Architecture + Education

Architecture + Education (A+E) uses architecture as a tool for building understanding of the world around us. A professional architect leads each residency.

Afro Caribbean Music and Dance Residency

Bring One World Tribe to your school for a seven day residency that explores West African rhythms, songs, chants, and languages such as Swahili, Latuka, Mandinga, Massai, and Luo.

Quiet in the Studio

Quiet In The Studio is an interactive digital-technology based theatre workshop.

Songwriting with Guitar

Doug Yeomans offers this guitar-centered songwriting program for students in grades K-12.

The Sherlock Holmes Method of Creative Writing

Students will uncover their own author’s voices as they discover that creative writing is different than essay writing, and they will be inspired to write creatively on their own.