Making a quilt is a complex undertaking. It involves problem solving, using math skills, manual dexterity, and sometimes even requires a little help from your friends! For Quiltabration, students will begin by learning a little about the history of quilt making in America, focusing on traditional quilt patterns. Then it’s time to do some designing themselves and make their own quilt blocks, which will then turn into their own community quilt. It’s a regular quilting bee, a “quiltabration” of student efforts!

The Four “R’s”

At last, a show that educates every age group about what they can do to save the planet! Students will also learn why the rainforest is so important to all of us, even though it is so far away.

Assemble It

Sculptures made from found objects, or assemblages, provide students with an unusual way to express themselves, as well as innovate!

Mail Art

Collage artist Gerald Mead leads students in creating beautiful and interesting collage postcards, which are then mailed.

Art of Collage

Collage is a fascinating technique for transforming images, colored and textured materials and other personal mementos into works of art.