Making Music with Miriam Minkoff

Students learn about the basic elements of music through traditional rhythms, based on the age-old concept, “if you can say it, you can play it.”

Your School’s Personalized Program

Because all schools have many different topics and themes for a variety of events and school functions, Kevin has developed a number of personalized programs for WNY schools.

Portfolio Development

As every art school student and artist knows, your portfolio is a crucial tool for sharing your work and advancing as an artist. This workshop discusses what to include in and how to present an impres

Art of Collage

Collage is a fascinating technique for transforming images, colored and textured materials and other personal mementos into works of art.

As You Like It

A writing workshop adaptable to existing classroom studies or grade-level curriculum. The class’ s basic framework includes presentation of poetic tools, such as metaphor and alliteration, followed by

Poetry in Motion

Students participate in basic yoga poses such as Mountain, Tree, Lion and Downward Dog, which create a silent and peaceful state of concentration. To explore the relationship between movement and lang

Hands on Arts

Art therapist Kristen Crosson uses a variety of creative projects to encourage self-expression and build self-esteem. Possible arts experiences include mask making, murals, pastel portraits, mandala d

Kite Making

For four thousand years, the kite has served as a form of transportation, a scientific tool, a weapon of war and a toy. Because of this, kite-making in the classroom can serve as a window into history

Professional Development: Build Net Mirth

An entertaining exploration of ”play for grown-ups.” Nels demonstrates how humor and play can serve as effective tools to help parents, educators, and other working professionals. Used properly, the