Holiday Jazz

A “jazzed up” rendition of holiday favorites! Dynamic and snappy, this musical performance will have everyone snapping their fingers and singing along to seasonal tunes new and old.

A “jazzed up” r

The Weather Machine

Created by Meteorologist Andy Parker, this performance will quite literally bring the weather into your school! The Weather Machine is capable of producing all types of weather, from actual tornados &


21st Century Learning Skills presented by PUSH’ s team of talented ‘human sculptures’ using acrobatic strength, stunning physicality and emotional depth. Core subjects such as physical science, liter

The Natural World

What does it look like to literally, ‘give someone a hand?’ Physical illusions and gravity-defying, acrobatic high jinks by PUSH’ s group of talented performers show us how. Audiences are guided thro

Wood That Sings

Starting with Balafons of Guinea in Western Africa, members of Diaspora Drumming perform music for xylophones and marimbas of the African Diaspora. The performance includes music from Guinea, Guatema

Echoes of Africa

African and Latin American cultures are indelibly linked through drumming, song, and dance. Our performance follows musical paths from Western Africa to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These p

Journey With Music and the Imagination

Concert cellist Nancy Baun pairs with a pianist to explore the connection between storytelling and music in this interactive program. Beginning with a short work by Lukas Foss, the artists describe th

Have You Ever Listened to a Drawing?

What do you draw or paint when you’ re listening to the Beatles, as opposed to Brahms? How does live musical performance inspire visual self-expression? Concert cellist Nancy Baun guides students thro

Kites of Japan

With period costumes, demonstrations of materials and techniques, and an examination of the creative process of kitemaking, the artist uses kites to illustrate Japan’ s tradition, folk art and history

Kite History

This visually stimulating program uses kites to explore history. Kites will demonstrate interconnectedness as well as the cause and effect of scientific inventions. In this workshop, kites are woven r