Mama Songs

A solo Hip-Hop musical performance and love poem. The artist illustrates her relationship with the women who raised her, based on childhood memories and the voices of three generations of mothers.

Nancy Goes to Seneca Falls

It’ s 1848 and Nancy Freeman, a wife, mother and former slave, is traveling in her husbands boat down the Erie Canal to be part of the Women’ s Convention in Seneca Falls, NY.

Finding Your Own Voice

Through music, rhythms, stories and a smattering of history, Miché Fambro encourages young people toward creative self-expression.

Stringman Show

Sharing the fun of music with Strings Attached! Doug Yeomans adapts this interactive performance to suit the grade level of students.

Erie Canal Show

Take a musical ride along the Erie Canal with Doug Yeomans! A picture is painted with songs and instruments from the early times of the Canal.

Just Guitar

Doug Yeomans presents his solo show on both the electric and acoustic guitar, sharing his infectious enthusiasm for the world’ s most popular instrument.

Your School’s Personalized Program

Because all schools have many different topics and themes for a variety of events and school functions, Kevin has developed a number of personalized programs for WNY schools.

Magical World of Books

“The Magical World of Books” is a fun filled program that stresses the value of books and the importance of reading. Magic, puppets, and audience participation blend together in this 40 minute show.