Friends Forever Show!

Building solid friendships is one of the most important keys to a happy and successful life. This program teaches students how to make friends, be a good friend, and how to develop lasting friendships.

Classical to Contemporary

Contemporary music group Wooden Cities helps students better understand classical music of today and the past by identifying with the people who made it and the times in which they lived.

Wooden Citi

Guinean Drum & Dance

An interactive presentation highlighting the music, dance, songs, history, instruments and costumes from Guinea. Mohamed is committed to providing the historical and cultural relevance of each dance.

The War of 1812 Concert!

Join Dave Ruch, noted teaching artist and performer, to explore this forgotten and sometimes confusing chapter in America’s early history.

Trust Yourself! – Improvisation Show

Have you ever been given an opportunity, but didn’t take it because you were unsure of yourself? Simply by experiencing and participating in the show, students will be introduced to improvisational theater.

All Together Now – Improvisation Show

Defiant Monkey’s actors use teamwork all the time. Students will see with suggestions come to life in improvised scenes illustrating the use of teamwork between improvisers.

Family Wellness Concert

Kevin performs his hits, inspiring students and families to live healthier lives. The entire family will enjoy this compilation of the best songs from his Character Ed. and Wellness shows.

Ancient Voices

In this workshop, Brill & Baczkowki bring the sounds of ancient music to life, connecting students to global and primitive musical traditions.