Bullying Show

The Hill Brothers have synthesized current research and hours of discussions with school counselors into this uplifting musical performance. Using song, humor and a clear anti-bullying message, the artists empower students with the chant, “There’ s No Place For Bullies In Our School!” Techniques for responding to bullies, as a victim and as a bystander, are emphasized.

New York State and the Erie Canal

This program focuses on music and folklore from New York State’ s history, with a special emphasis on the Erie Canal. The Hill Brothers use humor, enjoyable period songs, and lots of audience participation to lead students on a fun-filled musical trip across the State.

Early Childhood Show

For the youngest audiences, this special thirty-minute program uses singing, clapping, entertaining skits and interactive stories to engage students, while also imparting lessons on how to be a respectful audience.

Folk and Americana Music

Songs, folklore and humor from the Appalachian Mountains provide students with a rich taste of their American heritage. Featuring traditional and “homemade” instruments, including spoons, washboard, string bass, mandolin, dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and the ever-popular washtub bass, the show invites laughter, clapping and singing along to great old American folk songs.

Character Education Show

A fun-filled, entertaining concert emphasizing the value of respect and responsibility. Using original songs, interactive dialogue, full-tilt humor and student activities, the artists demonstrate that good character is cool!

Celebrate Reading

High-energy assembly program designed to raise student enthusiasm for reading. Using singable, original rock & roll songs (and a disco tune!) the artists deliver a clear message that reading is not only fun and accessible to everyone, but also helps us embark on new adventures!

Be Drug Free and Make Healthy Choices

This inclusive performance entertains while imparting the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding drugs. With catchy songs and fun, interactive activities, the Hill Brothers provide friendly advice and get the kids moving at the same time.