Paint to Pixel: Ways of Seeing Art in Mathematics

This program investigates pivot points in Art History and Mathematics. Student artists learn to appreciate the timeline that evolves fine art from Realism to the Digital Age, as well as find patterns in nature and architecture utilizing the Fibonacci Spiral and the golden ratio, establishing a strong math and art relationship.


Making a quilt is a complex undertaking. It involves problem solving, using math skills, manual dexterity, and sometimes even requires a little help from your friends! For Quiltabration, students will begin by learning a little about the history of quilt making in America, focusing on traditional quilt patterns. Then it’s time to do some designing themselves and make their own quilt blocks, which will then turn into their own community quilt. It’s a regular quilting bee, a “quiltabration” of student efforts!

I Love Reading and Math Show

Susie in her gentle and fun loving way will welcome your youngsters back to school with this fun loving, common core facts, hand clapping, foot stomping, math signs dancing, count to 100, get psyched for reading stories and learning letters and sounds show. Geared for PreK-2 grades with movements, call and response, and time tested… Read more »

Mathematics of Bharata Natyam

Originally performed by the devadasis of the temples in respect to the deities, this is India’s oldest form of dance. This particular dance style is known for its straight lines, adding beats with non-music, mudras (hand gestures) and facial expressions.

Story Cloths: Quilt Designs That Tell Stories

Phyllis Thompson works with fiber textiles, printmaking, photography and collage processes. Her workshops explore techniques of printmaking, collage and fabric construction with the history of African American quilting, and supports students creating meaningful personal images.

Stringman Show

Sharing the fun of music with Strings Attached! Doug Yeomans adapts this interactive performance to suit the grade level of students.

Learning the Figure

This program combines visual expression with yoga as a tool for body awareness.

Science Circus

Nels and his special guest, The Professor, demonstrate math and science principles through circus skills. Participants will be amazed and amused as they learn about forces, energy, motion, and more.