Our Water, Our World, Our Word

This residency is designed to correspond to classroom curriculum on the local watershed from a science, social studies, and/or public health perspective, though this component is not required.  Students will write poems engaging with the water cycle, and the local watershed, exploring and embodying the interconnected nature of water, world, and word.  Poetry experiments may… Read more »

Deeper impACT

A deeper look into theatre as a CRAFT examining playwriting and script analysis. This program can be “custom designed” to incorporate classroom material or subject matter. This allows students the opportunity to CREATE in order to LEARN. Strong emphasis on solo and collaborative expression through writing, physical and vocal exercises and personal performance.

Basic impACT

An introduction to the vocabulary of theatre and performance as well as the concept of the VOICE and BODY as an “instrument”. Students will participate in exercises that enhance listening, focus, imagination and improvisation. These activities include both solo and ensemble participation and encourage confidence, self-esteem and character development.

The Math & Science Show

Leave it to the Hill Brothers to come up with a whole new approach to getting kids excited about learning! This brand-new celebration is just in time, with new songs and activities focusing on the relationship of math and science in our daily lives (“what does it have to do with me?”), math and science… Read more »

I Love Reading and Math Show

Susie in her gentle and fun loving way will welcome your youngsters back to school with this fun loving, common core facts, hand clapping, foot stomping, math signs dancing, count to 100, get psyched for reading stories and learning letters and sounds show. Geared for PreK-2 grades with movements, call and response, and time tested… Read more »

Quiet in the Studio

Quiet In The Studio is an interactive digital-technology based theatre workshop.


Working collaboratively, students create “Emotionscapes” – choreographed movement sequences that represent the emotional journey of the character(s) in the story.

Human Pop-Up Books

Students have the opportunity to view an art form that uses no words and leaves then with the challenge of transposing movement language into written or spoken language. By creating their own “Human

PUSH Physical Theatre Performance

21st Century Learning Skills presented by PUSH’ s team of talented ‘human sculptures’ using acrobatic strength, stunning physicality and emotional depth. Core subjects such as physical science, liter