Music of the Coqui: A Retelling

El Coqui is Puerto Rico’s coolest animal! It sings a song like this…coqui….coqui…coqui! Using the story of El Coqui students will experiment with the different rhythms and patterns of Puerto Rico’s folkloric music BOMBA and PLENA and will retell story in their own words through music. Students will utilize repetitive text and will explore the… Read more »

The Elements of Hip-Hop

With the intent of creating a healthy lifestyle and physical, mental and emotional fitness, break dancing provides a fun and unique way to exercise and express oneself.

Full of Song

Music is a universal language, but what does that really mean? Students join in the performance with musicians who have traveled across the world. This program is all about communication through music.

Sol Y Sombra

Explore the Caribbean through the popular and exciting rhythms of Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue and Salsa.

Exploring Jazz

A highly interactive performance exploring not only the history of jazz, but also various forms of this uniquely American musical genre.

Holiday Jazz

A “jazzed up” rendition of holiday favorites! Dynamic and snappy, this musical performance will have everyone snapping their fingers and singing along to seasonal tunes new and old.

A “jazzed up” r

Workshops Taylor Made Jazz

The award-winning, world-touring members of Taylor Made Jazz discuss their careers as performers and writers, demonstrate the use of their instruments, and provide the opportunity for students to exam

Taylor Made Jazz

An inviting introduction to jazz and blues by a beloved Buffalo jazz ensemble. Demonstrating jazz instruments and performing both original songs and standards, the artists encourage audience participa

Whole Note Band

The artist will bring a range of instruments, from trumpets and flutes, giving students the opportunity to practice basic notes and perform a piece together.

This is a multi-session residency requir