Mary Jemison

Mary tells the story of her life from when she was captured by the Shawnee Indians as a youngster to years later when she was offered her freedom and chose to remain with her Seneca family and friends

Beatrix Potter

Author and illustrator of the beloved story “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” and many other children’ s stories, talks of her life in England, when “my grandpapa was in the habit of walking in the garden a

Legends, Lore, and Secrets of Western New York

Author and storyteller, Lorna Czarnota, recants and discusses this book of local stories. Learn about the many contributions Western New York has made to the world throughout its rich history.

The Road East: Travel the Silk Road

Storyteller, Lorna Czarnota, dressed as a merchant’ s wife beneath a tent set up in the classroom, will take students on an imaginary journey from Samarkand to Cathay.

Medieval Artifacts

In period costume, the artist shares stories, riddles, Celtic harp music, and a rich assortment of artifacts from the Middle Ages, giving students an effective sense of what life was like in that era.

Movin’ Dress

An inspiring and educational story about an Oklahoma farm family’s life during the Great Depression.

New York State and the Erie Canal

This program focuses on music and folklore from New York State’ s history, with a special emphasis on the Erie Canal. The Hill Brothers use humor, enjoyable period songs, and lots of audience participation to lead students on a fun-filled musical trip across the State.

Folk and Americana Music

Songs, folklore and humor from the Appalachian Mountains provide students with a rich taste of their American heritage. Featuring traditional and “homemade” instruments, including spoons, washboard, string bass, mandolin, dulcimer, acoustic guitar, and the ever-popular washtub bass, the show invites laughter, clapping and singing along to great old American folk songs.