As You Like It

A writing workshop adaptable to existing classroom studies or grade-level curriculum. The class’ s basic framework includes presentation of poetic tools, such as metaphor and alliteration, followed by

Poetry in Motion

Students participate in basic yoga poses such as Mountain, Tree, Lion and Downward Dog, which create a silent and peaceful state of concentration. To explore the relationship between movement and lang

High on Life

With an emphasis on wellness, this uplifting performance promotes healthy choices that develop body, mind, and character. It incorporates age-appropriate messages on nutrition, exercise, hygiene, subs

Interactive Fitness and Dance Party

Based on the same elements of the interactive dance party. This performance include a lesson on healthy living styles. A Healthy Living Choices basket is included for the coordinating teacher consist

Interactive Dance Party

This fun-filled, interactive dance-along with dancer/choreographer Cindy Hanna includes movin’ and groovin’ to upbeat tempos along with contemporary styles reflective to the audience. Hanna introduces

Be Smart, Don’ t Start!

This highly interactive program uses three multicultural folktales to emphasize healthy eating habits and saying “no” to bad ideas.

WILLIE WASSEL — in this Irish folktale, Willie Wassel meets three

Be Drug Free and Make Healthy Choices

This inclusive performance entertains while imparting the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding drugs. With catchy songs and fun, interactive activities, the Hill Brothers provide friendly advice and get the kids moving at the same time.