Good Plants… Bad Plants

Learn about plants that grow in our Western New York neighborhoods, gardens. and woods by creating pressed flower art, bookmarks, and more!

Creative Movement

This workshop for pre-school, elementary and middle school aged children uses individual and group exercises to help students explore creative problem solving and mind-body integration through movement.

Ballet Workshop

Master, dancer, Joe Cipolla, offers this comprehensive overview of the dance form ballet.

Story Book Dance

Led by Kolleen Fischer of Configuration Dance Theatre, this workshop offers a unique way for young learners to engage with literature through music and dance.

Daruma Dolls

Great for the New Year! These little sculptures keep an “eye” on your dreams and goals for the New Year!

Save the Teacher!

Experienced art educator and yoga teacher Jen Russo will lead teachers through a fun and physical process that will culminate with a Mandala Painting.

Sacred Art of Mandalas

Creating radial designs called mandalas, students explore visual rhythm and pattern. These radial designs can be done in sand, paint, and colored pencils, stamped or as arrangements and photographed.

Learning the Figure

This program combines visual expression with yoga as a tool for body awareness.

Your School’s Personalized Program

Because all schools have many different topics and themes for a variety of events and school functions, Kevin has developed a number of personalized programs for WNY schools.

Healthy Heroes

3-2-1-0 Be a Healthy Hero! This workshop has continuous physical activities that support the Be A Healthy Hero campaign for our community’ s kids! Kids run for the healthiest snack choices in our rela