Ballet Workshop

Master, dancer, Joe Cipolla, offers this comprehensive overview of the dance form ballet.

Story Book Dance

Led by Kolleen Fischer of Configuration Dance Theatre, this workshop offers a unique way for young learners to engage with literature through music and dance.

Learning the Figure

This program combines visual expression with yoga as a tool for body awareness.

Healthy Heroes

3-2-1-0 Be a Healthy Hero! This workshop has continuous physical activities that support the Be A Healthy Hero campaign for our community’ s kids! Kids run for the healthiest snack choices in our rela

Interactive Fitness and Dance Party

Based on the same elements of the interactive dance party. This performance include a lesson on healthy living styles. A Healthy Living Choices basket is included for the coordinating teacher consist

Dance Workshop

Self-esteem and awareness are increased through a series of fun and exciting dance movements to contemporary music. Movements which enhance body coordination, memorization skills and cooperation are a

Interactive Dance Party

This fun-filled, interactive dance-along with dancer/choreographer Cindy Hanna includes movin’ and groovin’ to upbeat tempos along with contemporary styles reflective to the audience. Hanna introduces

Classical Ballet Workshop

Basic skills, history of dance and dance appreciation along with the value of discipline are all explored in this fun and educational workshop.

Be Drug Free and Make Healthy Choices

This inclusive performance entertains while imparting the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, and avoiding drugs. With catchy songs and fun, interactive activities, the Hill Brothers provide friendly advice and get the kids moving at the same time.