The Elements of Hip-Hop

With the intent of creating a healthy lifestyle and physical, mental and emotional fitness, break dancing provides a fun and unique way to exercise and express oneself.

Mathematics of Bharata Natyam

Originally performed by the devadasis of the temples in respect to the deities, this is India’s oldest form of dance. This particular dance style is known for its straight lines, adding beats with non-music, mudras (hand gestures) and facial expressions.

Bollywood Dance: Past and Present

Step into the enchanting world of Bollywood. With its high energy, culture, colors, rhythm, beats and moves, Bollywood is anything but ordinary. In these classes students will learn basic steps of various styles of dance from the different regions of India.

I’m Healthy – The Wellness Show

How do you make learning about wellness cool, fun, and easy to understand? Students will leave ready to take charge of their personal well-being using the artist’s energizing, enjoyable suggestions.

Family Wellness Concert

Kevin performs his hits, inspiring students and families to live healthier lives. The entire family will enjoy this compilation of the best songs from his Character Ed. and Wellness shows.

SuperDancer 5,6,7,8! Performance

Lehrer Dance brings it’s signature high energy, athletic and strikingly original movement to the stage in this breathtaking performance by one of the hottest new dance companies in the country.

Become a SuperDancer 5,6,7,8!

Learn how to become a SuperDancer …the Lehrer Dance way! Watch a brief performance of the company dancing their signature high energy, athletic repertoire then learn the moves in a fun, easy to follow class.

African Dance

Robin Hibbert and Alassane Saar of Le Ballet Touba present this rousing performance of African Music and Dance.

Move Your Groove

Students gain opportunities to deepen their connection to themselves, others and the world around them through movement and other body- and mind-centered techniques.