Mathematics of Bharata Natyam

Originally performed by the devadasis of the temples in respect to the deities, this is India’s oldest form of dance. This particular dance style is known for its straight lines, adding beats with non-music, mudras (hand gestures) and facial expressions.

Story Cloths: Quilt Designs That Tell Stories

Phyllis Thompson works with fiber textiles, printmaking, photography and collage processes. Her workshops explore techniques of printmaking, collage and fabric construction with the history of African American quilting, and supports students creating meaningful personal images.

Trust Yourself! – Improvisation Show

Have you ever been given an opportunity, but didn’t take it because you were unsure of yourself? Simply by experiencing and participating in the show, students will be introduced to improvisational theater.

All Together Now – Improvisation Show

Defiant Monkey’s actors use teamwork all the time. Students will see with suggestions come to life in improvised scenes illustrating the use of teamwork between improvisers.

Singing in Different Languages

Through the use of song and interactive audience games, students will learn about the commonalities between the English, Arabic, and Spanish languages.

The State I Was In

In this workshop, Ntare Ali Gault emphasizes how exploring one’s own family story can be a powerful tool for understanding the history of slavery in the United States.

Afro Caribbean Music and Dance Residency

Bring One World Tribe to your school for a seven day residency that explores West African rhythms, songs, chants, and languages such as Swahili, Latuka, Mandinga, Massai, and Luo.