Basic impACT

An introduction to the vocabulary of theatre and performance as well as the concept of the VOICE and BODY as an “instrument”. Students will participate in exercises that enhance listening, focus, imagination and improvisation. These activities include both solo and ensemble participation and encourage confidence, self-esteem and character development.

Holiday Jazz

A “jazzed up” rendition of holiday favorites! Dynamic and snappy, this musical performance will have everyone snapping their fingers and singing along to seasonal tunes new and old.

A “jazzed up” r

Evening Program

Any program by In Jest with Nels Ross Cremean is available to be booked as an evening performance; regular fees apply. Evening performances booked WITH a full-price daytime program are available at a

The Greatest Show on Mirth

Perfect for the holidays, family fun nights, end of the year, and other celebrations, this mirthful (i.e. joyful) show conveys the value of laughter and play, and how everyone can help make the world

Walking the Line: Becoming Ambassadors for Change

Emphasize the qualities of tolerance, diversity, and personal responsibility. Using stories and a series of creative activities, the artist leads students to discover their own ability to affect change.