The Elements of Hip-Hop

With the intent of creating a healthy lifestyle and physical, mental and emotional fitness, break dancing provides a fun and unique way to exercise and express oneself.

I’m Respectful!- The RESPECT Show!

This program was developed by Kevin specifically for a WNY school using respect as their main theme for the year and the show was a big success! Kevin shows students why it is important to be respectful and outlines the key ways of giving and showing respect.

Friends Forever Show!

Building solid friendships is one of the most important keys to a happy and successful life. This program teaches students how to make friends, be a good friend, and how to develop lasting friendships.

Off the Bench

A fun and enriching theater residency designed specifically to fit the needs of your students.


Residency program: Through the themes of Strength and Power; Cooperation vs. competition; leadership and responsibility; partnership and trust; self discipline vs. external control, students will acquire positive character traits.

The Natural World

What does it look like to literally, ‘give someone a hand?’ Physical illusions and gravity-defying, acrobatic high jinks by PUSH’ s group of talented performers show us how. Audiences are guided thro

Bullying Show

The Hill Brothers have synthesized current research and hours of discussions with school counselors into this uplifting musical performance. Using song, humor and a clear anti-bullying message, the artists empower students with the chant, “There’ s No Place For Bullies In Our School!” Techniques for responding to bullies, as a victim and as a bystander, are emphasized.