Percussion Workshop

Hands-on exploration of rhythmic layering in the Afro-Brazilian style, using authentic instruments such as surdo, repinique, caixa, and marcacao.

Wood That Sings

Starting with Balafons of Guinea in Western Africa, members of Diaspora Drumming perform music for xylophones and marimbas of the African Diaspora. The performance includes music from Guinea, Guatema

Echoes of Africa

African and Latin American cultures are indelibly linked through drumming, song, and dance. Our performance follows musical paths from Western Africa to Cuba, Brazil, Puerto Rico and Mexico. These p

From Africa to America

A poetic performance and historical overview of the African and African-American experience. The artist presents literature from ancient Africa as well as modern poetry.

A poetic performance and hist

Wild and Wooly Tales

Following the tradition of using storytelling to impart values and life skills to young people, this program includes animal stories from Native American culture, African and Russian lore.

Gardens of the Earth

This program celebrates gardening as a universal pastime, with garden stories from Kenya, Puerto Rico and England.