A residency is a series of three or more days with an artist, allowing for high level, in-depth work. Residency content is often customized based on curriculum needs and each residency includes a planning meeting with the artist. Residencies can span weeks, months or an entire school year to meet your budget and curriculum needs.

If you have an idea for an area of your curriculum, you would like to enhance through work with an artist, call our office 716-881-0917. We can help you to design a residency that will engage your students with a professional artist, and bring learning to life. A few examples of what we have done in the past and have available today follow:

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For a complete listing of most of our predesigned residencies you may perform a search of our programs, with the word “residency” in the search field. Refine your search by curriculum area or grade level. We will walk you through a search over the phone. Try it yourself on our Search Our Catalog page.

Rodney Appleby and La Ballet Touba – The Underground Railroad Residency in WNY from Young Audiences on Vimeo.