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At last, a show that educates every age group about what they can do to save the planet! Students will also learn why the rainforest is so important to all of us, even though it is so far away.

The four R’s – rainforest, reuse, reduce, recycle – is presented in a musical format of easy sing-along songs (pop, country, rap, folk, Caribbean) with lots of audience participation. Susie’s program includes songs about the rainforest and its 3 stages of flaura and fauna; how young people can reduce, reuse and recycle; and how we all affect the earth, with each generation passing it along to the next. An Earth Lullaby will be sung by all as students carefully pass the earth along, represented by a soft earth ball (one per class). The program culminates in a concert played on a recycled instrument made by Susie and some students in the audience playing easy to reconstruct instruments from recycled items and percussion instruments from around the world.

In this program, Susie sings and plays guitar, harmonica, banjo, djerido (Australia and Africa), berimbae (South America), and various recycled instruments.

A workshop supply fee of $1 per participant will apply.

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