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Phyllis Thompson works with fiber textiles, printmaking, photography and collage processes.  Her workshops explore techniques of printmaking, collage and fabric construction with the history of African American quilting, and supports students creating meaningful personal images.
In this workshop students learn about the tradition of quiltmaking including the meanings and symbolism of several quilt designs. Examples of the work of Faith Ringgold, the quilts of Gee’s Bend, and the Underground Railroad freedom quilts will be presented to create specific context for the significance of quilts in history and in everyday life.
Considering the examples of traditional quilt designs and their meanings, students will cut geometric and organic shapes from paper and cloth and assemble them to create their own quilt patterns that tell their own personal stories. Students will be encouraged to discuss the meanings of their designs and the stories that emerge.

Can be extended into a residency.  Call office for details.

Art Forms:
Ensemble,Visual Art