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Explore the Caribbean through the popular and exciting rhythms of Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Merengue and Salsa. In this spirited, bilingual performance, the Latin Jazz Project will intrigue students with rhythmic, upbeat, expressive Latin music from the Caribbean. Students will learn about the multiculturalism of these various styles of music and dance: a mixture of strong influences from West Africa, Spain, Europe with the indigenous cultures of the Caribbean islands and American Jazz. Students will have the opportunity to participate in some of these traditional dances and explore the meaning behind this multifaceted musical genre. Audiences will dance away from this experience with a deeper connection with Latin music, dance, and culture.

Workshops also available for smaller groups where students will gain a deeper understanding of Latin music and culture through learning about various percussive rhythms and/or focus on specific instruments that comprise the Latin band: bass, piano, percussion. We can do master classes for band, jazz band and orchestra. There is also an opportunity to explore the unique harmonies of the Salsa vocal parts. Latin dance can also be explored in its own separate workshop focusing on the particulars of the dance steps that go along with the various styles of music the students witnessed in the performance.

Available as a full day. Includes 4 shows or 2 shows and 2-3 master classes with 1 band member or 1 dancer. $1,200.

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