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In this residency, learners can have several opportunities to explore the possibilities of poetry and write their own poems in different ways. Students will use their senses to increase their descriptive capabilities. They will realize the strength of their ideas, the imagery they create, and how best to use them effectively in their poems. In some workshops, Melissa can incorporate music, rhyming, syllabic and poetic forms along with learning about the styles of other poets and discovering new ways of communicating. Clean rap, slam, and freeform poetry are deconstructed to discover the thought process behind their themes and what patterns emerge. Students write in each of the workshops and are encouraged to edit and share along the way. The entire residency consists of ten possible workshops, and may incorporate theater and improvisation techniques. Less may be chosen and/or individualized according to students’ and teacher’s needs.

This program can be tailored to suit an adult audience and is available as a professional development workshop.

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