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B ecoming

U nderstanding

I nnovation

L earning through Inquiry

D esign

The continuous cycle of the BUILD process allows students to express their learning through the creative arts. Through individual and collaborative projects, students step beyond the concept, to experience their knowledge in hands-on creative projects. Students work through artistic media using creative problem solving and inquiry-based learning techniques to bring their learning to life. The process itself lends to divergent thinking, allowing new ideas to emerge and inspire, as well as to deepen their understanding of the concept. In the spirit of STEAM, artist and teacher will work together to ensure the balance between facts and creative expression.

This process can be applied to a variety of subjects at all grade levels. Here are some examples of how it can translate to the following subjects:

Science: Use art and design to solve a problem, ex: build a sculptural model for a structure to reuse rainwater runoff

ELA: Marry story with collage and sculpture, ex: create a tunnel book to express the climax of a story

Social Studies: Deepen understanding of events by investigating and synthesizing into an artwork, ex: research an event/person/place and create a “profile” using mixed-media and sculpture.

Math: Apply and visualize math concepts through design and sculpture, ex: use origami to visualize math concepts

Art Forms:
Ensemble,Multimedia,Visual Art