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Chandi_Bollywood Showcase_Selects_WEB-115Step into the enchanting world of Bollywood.  With its high energy, culture, colors, rhythm, beats and moves, Bollywood is anything but ordinary.  Indian dance dates back to centuries ago from the Hindu temples of Kerala to the bustling film industries of Bombay.  In these classes students will learn basic steps of various styles of dance from the different regions of India.  From the high energy, masculine Bhangra dance style from Northern India, from the villages of Gujarat to Southern India where the origins of Bharata Natyam (Indian Classical Dance) were born in the temples.  Students will also be introduced to each area specific style of music, while matching rhythm and movement.  The art of Indian dance has long been preserved and has also adapted significantly with the changing of times.  Learn about the richness of Indian dance with Buffalo’s first authentic Bollywood dance instructor.

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