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Adventures in Reading uses improvisational theatre techniques to show students how far they have come as readers and to show them the possibilities of what is still ahead. Literacy skills are not just being able to read. Literacy is also about reasoning and questioning skills. Reading builds fluency, comprehension and vocabulary, and students’ brains are constantly developing new connections. To become a passionate reader and a capable writer, students need to dig deeper and look at the processes behind story creation.

Students at Defiant Monkey Improv’s Adventures in Reading show will delve into elements of story creation by watching and helping to create on-the-spot improvisational theatre, using audience suggestions and participation to reinforce comprehension strategies, exercise organization and prediction skills, cultivate a love of language, and use everyone’s imaginations. Students will see their own lines of dialogue used in a scene, they will explore genre, think about words, follow and even design plot.

Following an Adventures in Reading show, students will be energized to read more deeply, and create stories of their own. To assess student progress, vocabulary words can be tested; stories analyzed for genre, character, dialogue, and plot; and students can be tasked with creating their own stories.